quick hi

apologies for the long silence between posts. things have been busy here, with phil getting used to his new job (all going well so far!) and samuel being increasingly active. then we were away seeing family in sheffield last weekend.
i’m so grateful for the warm sunshine we’re getting at the moment as it’s making each day really enjoyable and helping me out of my recent little blue funk. i am hoping to see the doctor tomorrow for results of my TATT (‘tired all the time’ – apparently it’s an actual thing!) blood tests. i’d been putting off seeing a doctor about the tiredness as i thought they’d tell me not to be silly, of course i’m tired, i have a baby to look after. but she was really good and took me seriously, so now i don’t know whether i want them to find something (like anaemia) or not. on the one hand there’d at least be a good reason for being tired, on the other i’d rather be healthy.
we had a lovely picnic in the park today with some friends from the toddler group. samuel wore his sun hat very nicely. i, however, got a bit pink. have added sun cream to the change bag!
got to go, it’s curly fries for tea. how i love curly fries. mmmm yum.
hope to be back with more interesting news soon.


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