cotton reels

for easter we bought samuel a pot of cotton reels. poor child! it’s not as stingy as it sounds. he LOVES them! he loves shaking the pot and making a loud noise, he loves tipping them all over the floor and chasing them as they skitter about. he loves it when some of them are in different containers and they make a different sounds, he loves knocking over towers of them, he loves taking them out of the pot one by one AND, his new skill… he loves putting them back in!

(apparently my favourite game, at one year old, was… yes, taking cotton reels out of a tin and putting them back in. oh dear!)


2 thoughts on “cotton reels

  1. …and you seemed to have turned out to be a nice, happy and balanced person because of (or in spite of! :-)) this…bring on the cotton reels!!! Long may they reign! Sue.

  2. nothing wrong with cotton reels :-).. we did the jumping out from behind trees thing too , nice to do the Troll thing too ….
    lisa x

    ps – the word verification is big worm lol

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