garden day

for once, our inclination to garden and fair weather actually coincided!

yesterday we spent a lovely sunny afternoon at the local garden centre. samuel was cooed over by loads of people and we browsed the plants, trying to look like we knew what we were doing! our aim was to get a few ‘babyplants’ for the hanging basket and a few flowery types for the patio pots – everything in our garden looks severely neglected from last year, mostly becasue that’s exactly what’s happened to it – but as one always feels more horticulturally ambitious when the sun shines, one gets tempted into buying more than one probably should..! having said that, we were quite restrained and indeed bought 8 babyplants which need keeping in for a bit, a tray of ranunculus (the last ones we had got munched by slugs, so lots of organic slug pellets went in with these!), some herbs, a big green carring trug thing, some seedling compost, a pot, a windmill for samuel, oh, and a wonderful patio rose tree! that was our ‘splurge’ item, but it was the spending of our christmas garden vouchers and is something i’ve alwasy wanted for the front gravel area which i look out on while i wash up. it’s not too tall and will produce white, fragrant blooms (hopefully!).

so today, still in pleasant weather, we spent as much time as we had in the garden planting, digging, tidying, cutting and so on. it looks SO much better (not that it could have looked much worse, although anyone who ever knew the carlton way garden can be reassured it hadn’t quite got to that stage of jungle-ness). the beds and hanging basket look fresh and ready for plants, the pots actually have plants and flowers in them, the old christmas tree has gone and last years is potted, we have a freshly planted herb pot, pruned (and by that i mean ‘hacked at’ of course) shrubs and pruned (yes actually properly pruned) roses, and everything’s had a good dose of plant food. yum.

tomorrow, hopefully before the weather deteriorates, phil will also be able to cut the grass and put the rose tree in its pot out the front and that’ll be it for ages i would imagine, but at least it’s more than last year! maybe i’ll try and take some photos while it looks nice and get them uploaded too…. that’d make a change from pictures of samuel or yarn!

(i do have new yarn i can show you too! but shhh. don’t tell anyone or i’ll get sent to yarn rehab.)

job update: phil has a job offer from citylife, an organisation who fund social enterprise! hooray! we’re very excited about it and he starts thursday.


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