ibuprofen is a wonderful thing

this morning we’ve been to the doctor, not for me, though as i said, i do feel yuk, but for samuel’s sandpapery cough and icky sticky eye (all linked and viral apparently). we’ve watched an episode of ‘in the night garden’ (about on my level today) and samuel’s gone back to sleep. i’m feeling a little better, thanks to the nurofen and thought i could manage a bit of blogging.

so, what’s happened in the last couple of weeks…? well…

samuel had a d&v bug. nice. woke up to vommitting sounds in the middle of the night – very scary – and spent the rest of the night cuddling, rocking and calming him (interupted by gross nappy incidents and more vomit). he fell asleep on me like he used to do as a baby, which was very cute and eventually he was asleep enough for me to move him to his cot, although i decided to stay in his room in the arm chair, which is SO comfy you can sleep in it. hurrah! anyway, he took all week to recover properly and was very sad and tired for a while, probably also due to his teething, which has been much worse for him than last time 😦 hooray for ‘in the night garden’! thanks bbc! and hooray for tooth number 3!

last tuesday i had the mums and babies from our old antenatal group round and we had a lovely afternoon. i made some scones and bought clotted cream. yum! i put out the last jar of homemade jam from last summer too, so it looked quite impressive, although i wasn’t trying to impress, i was only doing something easy (scones are about as easy as they come)! still, it’s nice when people enjoy your hospitality and it’s always fun to catch up with everyone.

here’s something i never thought i’d do…

yes, i actually spent my own money on an electronic toy that makes noise! however, i’m tempted to say it’s the best £5 i’ve ever spent, based on the amount of time it keeps him amused for!

this weekend just gone we spent down in eastbourne with phil’s family. despite samuel being violently travel sick half an hour from arriving (yes it went ALL over the brand new car seat) and two dreadful nights (one where we were awake every hour pretty much), it was a lovely weekend. we got to meet new baby daniel and samuel enjoyed granny and grandpa’s swing

i think we’ll try and get samuel a baby swing seat for his birthday so he can use the swing in our garden here – he loves it so much! like mother like son! in the photo you can see me waving at samuel as that’s his latest trick. he’ll wave at pretty much anything, so cute! new trick 2 is that he can now look at me when phil says ‘where’s mummy?’ hooray!!

the other highlight of the weekend was managing to score some coveted Skein Queen yarn. this is the most lovely hand dyed luxury yarn and it’s difficult to come by as she only does shop updates every few weeks and it sells out fast. the skein queen had said there’d be a shop update this weekend and as we were away i didn’t think much more about it – i wasn’t going to let obsessive online shop checking intrude on our weekend. after lunch on saturday there was an opportunity to look though, and i realised i’d got there just at the right moment! i then went a teeny bit crazy and bought lots! it arrived in the post today, so i’ll take some pictures and post them here soon. trouble is, they’re so nice to look at i don’t want to use them! on the other hand i’m also desperate to get knitting something gorgeous with them. ahh so much yarny happiness!

and lastly, yesterday was a gorgeous sunny day and i took samuel into the garden for some playing…

rainbow stripy fun!


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