new cousin

samuel has a new cousin! that makes 6 cousins in all, 4 older and now 2 younger than him, 2 girls and now 4 boys! daniel was born yesterday by c-section to tim and gill. hooray!

the paper round’s going well. yesterday was especially lovely. the air was mild, the sun was shining and the spring bulbs are in full bloom all round the village. i wish i’d had a camera with me, so maybe i’ll start taking one with me in future!

we had a really lovely weekend staying with my sister and her husband. they cooked us an amazing full english breakfast and a superb pork shoulder roast. yum. i recommend staying there! on coming home, we discovered that our cat had had her own adventure… in the garage for 24 hours! poor sid got locked in after we’d checked the tyre pressure and driven off. neither of us even saw her come out of the house, let alone go in the garage. luckily the neighbours managed to get her out!

finally, here’s a blog sure to cheer you up in this blustery march week. attic24 has been described as a ‘blog like a rainbow’. i can surely only aspire to such things. so make a cup of tea and go round for a bit. i’m sure you’ll be very welcome!


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