an all-round update

thought a general update was in order and lots of photos as promised!

turns 9 months old this week! is sitting up really well now. making loads of cute babbling sounds with an increasing range of ‘letter’ sounds. can respond to ‘cat’ by looking at the cat and ‘daddy’ by looking at daddy (please don’t mention the fact he can’t do ‘mummy’ – i am hurt but trying to cope!). not crawling yet, but trying really hard (by wriggling a lot and hoping that’ll propel him through the air!). has gone back to eating well (hooray!) and loves to feed himself breadsticks. enjoyed swimming a couple of weeks ago as long as he could hold onto scuba steve!

pretty chilled out about the whole job thing but working hard on his cv and applications. has an application in for one locally based job. great dad. lovely husband. wife is sorry for embarrasing him!

(she’s a cat btw) tooth extraction went well, has recovered and having had to eat soft food for a week now doesn’t want to return to eating cat biscuits. she puts up with samuel admirably.

doing well, still enjoying being at home with samuel – no plans to return to work unless dire need demands it. am doing 3 one-to-one tuition lessons a week which is quite fun and have just signed up for a local paper round! it’s only 14 papers and pays 18p per paper but it’s the daily local and is my usual route to the village so i walk it most days anyway. the way i see it, i can earn my pocket money, keep fit, get fresh air and sunshine (we hope!) and still take care of samuel. i start monday – will let you know how it goes!
i have already spent the paper round money a million times in my head! what with now only having one salary coming in, and even that being in jeopardy, we’re being careful with the cash, which means no luxury items, which means no more yummy craft supplies or posh chocolate. in reality i have enough of both to last ages, but you can never really have enough of either!


and the answer to the ‘guess what this will make?’ – a mushroom pincushion!

lastly, don’t call us, he’ll call you…


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