bad day

i noticed today how easy it is to pass on your ‘bad day’ to someone else. i’d popped into the school where i used to work to drop something off, had said hello to lots of people who were pleased to see samuel and myself and was feeling happy (and a bit sad not to see the lovely people more often any more) from my visit. went to the gate to leave the premises (secure gate where you can push a button to exit but have to buzz through the intercom to the school office to enter). obviously the security measures are there for a reason…! i happened to be leaving around the time of the picking up time for the preschool on site, and a hoard of little children were around inside the gate waiting for their mums to catch them up. i delayed my exit so as not to let any of these children out without their parent but a lady on the other side of the gate asked me to open it for her so she could collect a child from the preschool. i’m sure she was just another parent or carer and that the preschool mums just let each other in and out all the time but the whole point of the intercom is so that no-one is on site who is unauthorsied, so i said ‘no, i’m sorry but you’ll have to buzz in’. she was really cross and pushed the buzzer but as she did so one of the little children reached the exit button anyway. she came in and as she passed me, said sarcastically ‘thanks for that’. i was still worried about potential escaping toddlers who still didn’t seem to have parents and can never think of anything to say on the spur of the moment, but as i walked away i felt really upset. this lady must have been having a bad day to snap at me like that, but in being nasty, she has spoiled my day too.

i know i sound a bit like a seven year old, “miiiiss, so-and-so was mean to me in the playground”. but even the delivery man at the gate at the same time buzzed in to the office even thought the gate was open! HE understood the point of the system!! it’s not about who was right or wrong, i just hope no-one catches a bad day from me. and to that end, here’s a photo my sister sent me to cheer me up (no it’s not her cat, she did not do this to a cat, but it is a teeny bit funny, except for the cat, who, i expect, is having a bad day).


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