it’s one of those days. one where everything is damp; the weather, the windows, the walls, the washing i did yesterday, people’s spirits…
i feel a bit like the house is disintegrating around me! we desperately need new windows – the old wooden frames are rotting and the condensations situation is dire! the walls (as they do every winter) are growing mould along the skirting and in the corners, meaning that you really can’t store stuff against the walls, and in a very small house, that makes problems (and makes me cross!) and something smells of cat wee.
yes, here’s the latest puzzle… what smells? you should have seen us, it was hilarious. both phil and myslef crawling around the living room sniffing everything. half hoping we weren’t just about to inhale a lung full of cat-wee-scent and half hoping to find the offending area so we could clean it! anyway, we have so far washed a sofa cover and a curtain, but there is a faint lingering scent… yuk. it makes me so embarrassed, i have a smelly, mouldy house. help!
the background to the cat wee smell is that we’ve found a ginger cat (ours is black) sneaking in the cat flap recently, so either he/she is spraying in our house, or sid (our cat) is trying desperately to hang on to her territory. either way i’,m not sure what we can do other than an expensive new cat flap that will only let sid in and out.

on a more cheerful note, i am enjoying my new scarf immensely, and if you ever feel tempted to knit with chunky yarn, i can THOROUGHLY recommend ‘debbie bliss como’, it was so much fun. in fact, if you want a scarf like mine, although the yarn’ll set you back about ¬£40, i’ll happily do the knitting for free!
my next project has been really fun too. here’s what i started with…

see if you can guess what i’ve made…!
i’ll put the ‘finished’ photo up later (when i’ve taken one!)

anyway, samuel needs tea now, so i may be back later with a couple more pictures but here’s one for now…


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