ooo it’s been ages since i’ve posted but i’ve really lost track of the days. it’s wednesday but i don’t know what day it feels like as we were away for the weekend and then phil had tuesday off too. the sunny weather confuses me and makes me think it’s not january but then you step outside and it definitely IS january! and the feeling of being on holiday is one i associate with summer, so all in all i’ma bit muddled!
i still don’t really have time to blog properly, in that i should wake samuel (who’s not really meant to be sleeping before lunch, but has had an hour and a half already, oh dear) and get some lunch.
i have finished my lovely chunky scarf but not taken pics yet, samuel’s been swimming, ebay’s been going mad and i missed neighbours on monday and i can’t view it online coz ‘demand5’ doesn’t support macs. see why i feel muddled?
i’ll come back later when all is calmer!


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