a woollys adventure and some woolly adventures…

a few minutes of peace and quiet! phew. i really hadn’t expected Christmas with a baby to be such hard work! still, it was lovely and now to the new year. no resolutions, just challenges…

the first is the ‘woollys adventure’. i managed to be in the town where my parents live on the last day of trading for their woolworths store. so i thought i’d pop in and see what was left… not much was the answer, but we did get a potty for samuel (i know we don’t need it for at least a year!) for 15p. however, before i left, i happended to see a stack of big crates which were filled with all kinds of random stuff. each crate was priced at £5. i bought 2! so for £10, my new year challenge is this, to make my money back AND MORE by selling the stuff on ebay. need reading glasses? plimsolls? children’s school clothes? a star wars costume? childrens slippers? visit ebay and look out for ‘internationalmonkeymayhem’ – the one selling all the plimsolls (there were LOADS of those!) i’ve taken all the photos and will be listing over the next few weeks so i’ll let you know how i get on!

the second challenge is made up of many woolly adventures… the mittens for samuel one, the noro sock yarn one, the cashmere 4ply hat one, the ‘plushness’ wrist warmer one, the debbie bliss como scarf one and the ‘can i make any money out of knitting?’ one, which will probably not come to anything but i like dreaming about it…
and i’ll try and be better at photographing my projects as i go this year, so there, a resolution after all!

whatever your year contains, i hope it’s lots of good things. do leave us a comment and keep in touch. x


One thought on “a woollys adventure and some woolly adventures…

  1. Hi, I still remember our first Christmas with our first baby in the house – what a real blessing and a challenge all at the same time. WOW! children are such a GIFT aren’t they. Once you’ve experienced the full enormity and sheer joy of having that special little person as part of your world – it’s hard to comprehend how your previous life could possibly have had any real meaning BEFORE they existed. yeah???? God Bless .

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