christmas letter

Becoming a family has pretty much been THE event of 2008 for us. Having Samuel has been better than we could have imagined and we feel immensely blessed. We also know that we rely on God’s gracious help more than ever as we meet the challenges of family life!
Our experiences of only a few months already put a new perspective on Christmas. Samuel is delighted by the sparkly lights (but he really mustn’t eat them!), we know he’ll probably love all the shiny paper more than his presents, and should he be even remotely mobile within the next few weeks, I wonder how many times we’ll have to retrieve him from the lower branches of the Christmas tree… However, this year another concept amazes us even more. It seems now so much more incredible that God would voluntarily become a tiny human baby like Samuel. Yet according to the Bible, this is what happened, such is God’s desire for relationship with each one of us.
As you enjoy the festivities this Christmas, why not take a moment to consider what amazes you?


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