2 weeks to go!

i can’t believe it’s less than 2 weeks ’til Christmas! but as you can see, we’re well into the spirit of things! i wrote all the Christmas cards last night, but still have to address the envelopes and decide who needs a Christmas letter, so although i sounds organised, there’s still no guarantee anyone will get one before Christmas!

i realised i never added a photo of my yarn ‘splurge’ from the talented skein queen, so here it is..

i’m still not sure what i’ll do with it, maybe wrist or ankle warmers…
anyway, i’ll enjoy just looking at it and squidging it for now! phil was very lovely about me buying it and even agreed to let me buy another cashmere skein the other day for a hat. that one’s still in the post, but i’ll put a photo up when it arrives.

the tank top is ALMOST finished, just the sewing up to do – hooray! then i’m going to see if my skills extend to one of these tiny knitted tree decorations – how utterly gorgeous are they?!

samuel’s suspected tooth is just that! here’s hoping the rest come through with as little bother!

here he is recreating the photo shoot from when he was just 2 weeks old, six months on, and just as gorgeous…


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