samuel’s new tricks

yesterday’s was blowing raspberries. very very funny.
today he’s learned to turn the pages of his board books, so reading books happens very fast as he is more interested in turning the pages than what’s on them!

MY achievement of the week was getting up early enough to get samuel and myself out of the house with phil on his way to work and then driving on to milton keynes for some shopping with my mum and sister. i was so pleased to have found the best pair of jeans but realised i’d tried them on before looking at the price…. bad move. i was in love with them and they cost…£65. oh dear. decided i’d spent too long looking for jeans that even fitted let alone were as nice as these, so bought them anyway. there i was counting out the cash when the sales person said, ‘as they’re in the sale you’ve only got 7 days to bring them back. is that ok?’ i was only half listening but slowly realised she was only asking me for £45! hooray! so today i rang the cambridge branch as i think i’ll get another pair!


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