family photo

This afternoon we managed to sit down and take a Christmas family photo with the help of a tripod and a nifty little remote control for my D40 (obviously this is Phil writing not Anna!).

You may be wondering how we got Samuel to look at the camera. The answer is by careful positioning of his new best friend…

and just in case you’re wondering how I took this photo, you’ll see the answer by looking carefully at the word ‘Nikon’ on the camera.


One thought on “family photo

  1. Hi Anna,Thank you for your comment , it’s always nice to know that people have been reading my blog and it’s lovely that you have left a comment.. I went to the book shop today to look for the books you recommended but they had never heard of them ( rubbish shop) so I’m going to have a go at the library on Monday…. We have had a lot of fun so far reading the books we have .I’ve had a quick peep at your blog and your little boy is adorable, I can’t believe how much hair he has. Baby G has never had his hair cut and in the pics you see that all he has ….As for my photos, my camera is just a little point and click , nothing special. I don’t mess around with them either, basically what you see is all original Hope you are having a lovely weekend and hope you pop by againTake careLisa xp.s I replied to your post then realised you have a no reply option

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