i’m afraid it’s all a bit of a blur at the moment. since last posting we’ve had some seriously sleep disturbed nights and had to reach for the calpol (no not to drug him so he’d sleep – he had a temperature and a cold!). not fun, but would explain why, along with the vommiting incidents, he’s not been keen on eating and i’d got to the point where i thought i had ruined his eating habits for life. anyway, he’s beginning to enjoy his food again – fromage frais is a top favourite! this picture is his first taste of carrot from ages ago, but we’ve only just got round to uploading it.

on a different note, look! i made bread!

it wasn’t bad for a first attempt. the second was better but phil still won’t eat it so i might not bother any more. i had visions of us never needing to buy bread again… oh well.

i renamed the blog the other day as it really is more about samuel than phil or me and to prove the point here are some of his more recent cute moments…

ready for a trip out:

trying out the new ‘waiting for santa’ babygrow:

getting bored waiting for santa and deciding he’s not going to show:

and the latest as he turns 6 months old…

i’m off to bed. maybe I’LL get some sleep before samuel decides HE’S had enough and wants to chat!


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