power cuts

i had the interesting experience today of being plunged into pitch blackness mid-nappy change. for most people in the UK i would imagine that power cuts only last a few seconds, so you sit tight and pretty soon your energy-fuelled life picks up where it left off. this is not quite the case in our small corner of our road… at the moment we get random and extended power cuts that just hit a small patch of about 15 houses. the worst was a while back when the power went off at 1am (i knew because i was up with samuel at the time). the energy company told us they’d send an engineer – what they didn’t tell us was that they’d send him when his shift started at 8 the next morning! the power still didn’t come back on until a few hours after that.
when the power went off LAST night i feared the worst – 8pm on a saturday – would we really be waiting until the 8am monday shift? how would we sterilise samuel’s bottles, or heat his food, or warm his milk? our house would get very cold as the heating wouldn’t be on overnight but there was no option of a hot water bottle and all the food in our freezers would be defrosting (ALL those purees!) we lit some candles, rang the energy people and began the wait – the house was getting colder, so i found a hat and gloves and we ate chocolate and played yahtzee. it was actually really nice to spend time with phil where we weren’t just crashed out in front of the tv and the power came back on just as we were going to bed, so all was ok.
THIS evening however, phil’s out at church so when the lights went off AGAIN in the middle of that nappy change i was not impressed. although it came back and then went again pretty quickly, thankfully we have power now and here’s hoping it stays as i’ve no-one to play yahtzee with this time!


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