my chocaholic son…

yes, well, there’s not much to be said is there?!

ok, so he didn’t really eat the chocolate, but he tried! there i was eating my yummy magic stars with samuel on my lap and on noticing the crunchy sound every time i put my hand in the packet, HE tries to get his hand in the packet! cheeky monkey. i gave him the packet to play with once i’d finished (yes yes under supervision the whole time don’t panic) hence the photo opportunity!

we’ve had a nice autumny week. we’ve been on a bus, been to the post office, been to toddler group, seen friends, stewed apples, turned the heating on and worn new wellies!

i certainly don’t want to wish samuel’s baby days away but i can’t help thinking how much fun next autumn will be when he’ll have wellies too and when i show him the leaves blowing about in the wind or help him find conkers or show him a tiny stripy snail, he’ll actually understand me!

still he’s not daft as he is and recently he’s shown me that he can choose between two toys held in front of him, although sometimes he just wants both!

rolling over is another recent new skill. not so proficient that he can do it on demand, but definitely goes from front to back, on purpose, on his own (the proof is that he did it even when i wasn’t in the room – i’d only dashed out to get something – please don’t report me for leaving my son alone on his tummy)

the health visitor’s due any minute for the next weigh in and exzema consultation, so until next time…


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