lovely wednesday

we had a really nice day yesterday. nothing especially special, but everything was easy or fun, which made it all quite enjoyable! i dragged myself out of bed and was showered and dresssed before samuel woke up, which meant getting out of the house by 10 was very calm. i even sat down and relaxed for 10 minutes while samuel slept in the pram before leaving! we went back to the toddler group (always easier when it’s not your first visit) and then went on to school to see pupils and staff. it was really nice to see people and catch up a bit. then in the afternoon we had good ‘samuel and mummy time’, singing, playing, practising rolling (nearly there!) etc. he had a bath – which he LOVES (see below!) and then he had his first night’s sleep in his big cot – hooray!

this morning the postman brought our new organic cotton scratch mitts – samuel scratches his face so much as he wakes up from his naps and although we tried just using some socks on his hands, something in the fabric seems to irritate his skin, so here’s hoping they work! the poor boy seems to be more and more itchy despite the gunky creams and lotions we have to use. i wonder if polyester sets him off, so i’m keeping an eye on what he wears and really hoping it doesn’t come down to organic cotton everything or we’ll be broke!

anyway, here’s samuel enjoying his latest discovery – bouncing!


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