the first toddler group

today we made a big effort and were out of the house by 10am! we were aiming for the parent and baby group run by the baptist church in the village which is on 10-12 wednesday mornings. seeing as i can’t get to the one run by city church, i thought i’d go to this one. i was hoping i might know a couple of people, either parents of school pupils or from the postnatal group and sure enough, the two mums who’d mentioned the group to me at the last postnatal session were there soon after me. samuel was smily and well behaved and thoroughly intregued by all the sounds and people! it was nice to chat to some other mums of young babies but i was exhausted when i got home and suddenly really missed having those close friendships – the old ones you don’t need to make any effort for (that sounds awful, but you know what i mean!) – making new friends is great, but there’s nothing quite like someone who’s known you for years (yes becca, i really will try and phone you soon – promise! i miss you – can you tell?!). anyway, when i got home there was also one of those royal mail cards saying i was out when they tried to deliver a parcel (that’ll be samuel’s new-ish coat from ebay!) but i’m just too tired to go and collect it!

samuel’s 4 months old now and we thought it was about time he slept in his cot in his own room overnight. how wrong we were. he went to sleep fine, but woke up an hour later and cried and cried and cried! we soothed him and put him back in his cot (which he uses fine for daytime sleeps) but it was no good. we quickly reassembled the carrycot stand and put him back in his old spot for night sleeps – withing 2 minutes he was sound asleep. monkey child. speaking of whom, has woken up!


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