bits and bobs

that reminds me of a children’s tv show i watched with a friend’s toddler once; ‘bits and bobs’ – two fluffy things that investigated stuff. whenever they were off on a trip one’d say ‘hold onto your bits, bobs’ and the other’d say ‘hold onto your bobs, bits’. amusing.

samuel’s developed a shreiking sort of noise that he’s very fond of at the moment. cute, but loud.

the formula debate got answered last week at the baby clinic when he’d continued to fall through the percentiles despite me doing everything i could to feed him more breastmilk. so now he’s much happier and on 4 breastfeeds a day with one organic formula feed in the late afternoon. happy family all round.

father christmas should expect a letter anyday soon, as samuel keeps thinking of things he’d like for christmas!

he’s also getting really good at getting hold of toys with both hands and acurately putting them in his mouth. lots of fun to be had with that one. and with the ‘pulling the dummy out’ trick (although sometimes by chance he gets it back in by himself and looks very impressive).

that’s it for now i think!


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