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every now and then i take a few of samuel’s (oh so precious) sleeping minutes and do something non-houseworky with them, like today i have been strolling about some other people’s blogs and reading about what they get up to. they’re all creative people who make gorgeous things (which i’d really love to either own or be able to make myself) but i make do with admiring them in pictures. i’ll try and work out how to put their websites in that list at the side of the page so you can while away your ‘free’ time over there too!

in an update on samuel related things, his weight hadn’t gone up enough at his weigh-in yesterday so a (rather more helpful than the last) health visitor confirmed what i thought, which is that after at least 6 weeks persevering with the afternoon feeds (where samuel is a bit wriggly and i often thought, still hungry), it’s best to substitute one of them for a formula feed. so yesterday phil fed samuel for the first time! it was quite strange not to be needed…

i feel proud to have got to nearly 16 weeks of sole breastfeeding and don’t feel like i’ve failed at all, which is good. i definitely feel that this is the right and best thing for my son at this moment in time. he’s still getting just as much breastmilk, only spread over 4 feeds rather than 5, and the formula is an extra (and he loves it!). he also slept really well after it yesterday evening AND then did his normal night sleep too. here’s hoping it continues!


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