our scottish week

apologies for the week’s silence, we’ve been in aberdeen with my parents. it was a lovely week, but i am very glad to be home!

the reason for going was a good friend’s wedding on the saturday and we’d thought that we may as well make a holiday of it seeing as we were going all that way anyway. i found the thought of flying with samuel more than a little stressful and trying to make sure i’d packed everything we might need and in the right bags (so as to be accessible on the flight, or tucked in the hold bags as it was a liquid) was challenging, even for the self-confessed ‘queen of packing’! all my fears turned out to be unfounded though as samuel was brilliant and took everything in his stride. we met my parents at luton and the flights, bags, restrictions on liquids (yes, i did have to taste the expressed breast milk), air pressure changes, feed times, nappy changes etc were all fine and we ended up with a really posh hire car the other end as the one we were meant to have was faulty. our little cottage, just outside banchory, was a renovated converted mill and was lovely too.

it rained solidly for the first couple of days which meant that i didn’t feel guilty about just staying in and recovering from the travelling. it also meant that my parents got very wet when they went out for walks! by saturday the weather had improved considerably and it was a beautiful day for a brilliant wedding. lydia looked stunning and she and alistair both shone with happiness.

for us, it was yet another ‘new parent challenge’, having a baby at a wedding, but again, samuel did us proud and only went into meltdown during pudding. thankfully he’d recovered by the speeches as i honestly don’t think i’ve ever heard a funnier ‘father of the bride’ speech – lydia’s 3 older brothers had conspired with her dad to heckle and interject with mini sketches and mickey-takes – absolute genius.

in the days we had left before flying home we visited a couple of nearby castles. both castles were family homes up until quite recently and they both now belong to the national trust for scotland. crathes castle was quite fairy-tale like from the outside.

only my parents went
round the inside but phil, samuel and i enjoyed the really pretty gardens and the sunshine. we saw loads of butterflies; peacocks, red admirals, tortoiseshells and a comma, which i hadn’t
ever seen before. there
were also lots of little
paths, perfect for exploring
and running to and fro on.
drum castle looked a bit more traditional

and we did make it inside this one, with samuel charming all the ladies in sight with his cheeky grin!

to be honest we found the whole week a bit exhausting, not aided by samuel getting his first cold and snorting and spluttering in his sleep (so that we didn’t sleep for worrying!) but it was worth doing to be at the wedding and we really did have a lovely time. now we’re back to cloth nappies (hooray!) and the old routine, which is nice, although i miss my parents being around. samuel misses having grandad’s funny face to laugh at, but i’m sure he’ll make do with mine!


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