to formula or not to formula…

that’s what i seem to be thinking about at the moment, which makes a change from nappies and housework! it’s a tough one though, as i have always been really determined to breastfeed exclusively until as close to 6 months as possible, and as we have had no problems with feeding i have been hopeful of making it. however, as samuel’s growing he’s obviously getting more hungry and although my body should adapt to make more milk i’m not convinced he’s getting full up from his afternoon feeds – hence the consideration about formula. i don’t want him to be hungry and it’s distressing for both him and me to have a feed time consisting of him screaming and wriggling between mouthfuls but as the health visitor said today, the more you give a bottle, the more he’ll want a bottle (the milk comes out faster and he has to work less hard to get it!) he already loves his bottle of expressed milk at bedtime, so maybe that’s what’s triggered the fussing earlier in the day. anyway, i think we’ll give it a few more days and see what happens. he’ll also be weighed again in early september and that’ll give me an idea about whether he needs extra food.

samuel’s enjoying ‘tummy time’ more and more as his neck gets stronger. here he is today…

and yesterday

and here we are having a giggle at the weekend (just love this one!)


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