a pet parrot?

samuel and i read a book about pet animals today. we read it 4 times during the course of the day and he enjoyed looking carefully at each animal in turn. he became very enthusiastic however, when we came to the picture of the parrot…! i have told him we WON’T be getting a pet parrot, but i will take him to see some in the zoo one day! he’s taking the news quite well.

in other events, samuel is now having his daytime naps in his big cot and he’s making the most of the space by sleeping in a very sprawling style! he also needs another hair cut as it’s encroached over his ears again. i’m loath to cut it though for two reasons. firstly, i am dreadful at haircutting and secondly, i can’t bear to make him lose any more than what is already falling out naturally. i’m definitely more traumatised than him about his beautiful dark hair falling out.


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