being a mum

whilst reading a blog that i enjoy ( this morning, it occurred to me that i could begin my own musings on things going on here, as that’s generally the point of having a blog! so for those of you who are interested, i hope to be able to put a few bits and pieces up every now and again and keep you in touch with our little family.

today has been very hot and sticky, exaggerated for samuel and i by the need to have cuddles and feeding times, which are not unlike holding a hot water bottle. it’s not samuel’s favourite weather, but he copes well. a highlight of the day was cooling down in the shade on the swing in the garden together while watching a small bee buzz industriously from flower to flower.

we also now have a little toy giraffe with a soggy ear, as it received a considered sucking from samuel this afternoon. it was the first time he’s successfully taken a toy to his mouth for much longer than a lick, so proud parents that we are, we whipped the camera out…


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