Goodbye to the Morris

Finally the time came to sell the Morris. Sadly we haven’t had the time or money to keep her in great condition and we knew that we had to sell her before she went any further downhill and needed either major investment or worse, scrapping.

It’s been really significant to us, it was my first car that I joint owned, bought back in 2002 with Chris Williamson. We were both working for the church that year and used the old moggie to travel about and to go off to training now and again in Lowestoft. Looking back I can’t believe we ever travelled on the motorway in her – let alone the time we were driving back up the M11 in the rain with broken windscreenwipers…

It was also the car Anna and I used to travel to our church home group in every week before we were going out, and it was a significant step in our relationship when I put Anna on the insurance because she was my best friend! And then when we got married we used her as the car we drove home in from the reception.

So it was a sad moment to see her drive away this evening. It had been a bit of a childhood dream to have a morris minor, but maybe one day we’ll get another…


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