I’m still here

My last post was over a month ago, on the way to pick up the keys to our new house. I feel slightly hypocritical about the lapse having just given some feedback on a new blog for a local branding/design agency, but it’s been a busy, and at times fairly stressful few weeks. Moving house is definitely hard work, even if you weren’t trying to run the student work at your church, or if your wife hadn’t started a new job that term. But overall we love the new house and it’s increasingly feeling more sorted, even though we’ve still got a long way to go! Anyway, here are a few highlights of the last month:

Move went successfully, the only casualty was one tiny scratch in the side of the fridge, which is pretty amazing. It was a rather stressful weekend, what with moving on the Saturday, thoroughly cleaning the old house on Sunday and having to go back again on Monday to cut the grass and finish a couple of bits before our final check-out on Wednesday. Still, I got to drive a big long wheel-base van, which was very fun.

The agency managed to find new tenants to move into the old house, so we were relieved of our contract to pay the remaining three weeks of our notice at the same time as paying the new mortgage. The carpet cleaning at the old house also cost less than we were expecting, so although our finances have taken a big hit with the move, it’s certainly not been as bad as it could have been.

We’ve bought new paint for our bedroom, although choosing the colours before our Homebase voucher ran out proved a little stressful! We’ll probably have to paint over Christmas.

Sid (our cat) has learned how to use the catflap having never had one before, although if we’re around she’ll still sit by the back door and look pathetic in the hope that we’ll open it for her.

It was my birthday and I got an ipod which I’ve wanted for about the last four years but not been able to afford before. I’m enjoying it a lot… currently listening to track four on Nuyorican Soul.

We went to Ikea and spent lots more money! We spent a really long time there (we went in for lunch and it was dark when we came out) but it’s great having some new stuff, and I had lots of fun yesterday afternoon with my tools feeling manly and putting it together.

I’m sure there are more things, but that will do for now.


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