we are moving!

Finally the solicitors exchanged contracts this morning, so we have a definite completion date of the 28th! It’s actually slightly strange to realise that it really is happening, that we have less than two weeks in this house, living in this part of Cambridge.

Still, I nipped down to Great Shelford on the train over lunch today (my office is near the station, the journey takes 5 minutes and a return ticket cost me the princely sum of £1.50) to drop off Anna’s mobile which she’d left at home, and I realised how much I’m looking forward to living there. It’s going to be so nice having our own home, not having to put up with all the junk that belongs to our current house, not having our noisy neighbours, living in a friendly community, being able to buy sandwiches from Shelford deli… the list is endless.

We’re now praying that the agency can find new tenants for our current house. I gave our notice in today which means we’re liable to pay the rent for the next six weeks. But if the agency can find someone to move in before then, they’ll lapse our contract. So at worst we could end up overlapping on rent and mortgage for nearly five weeks, which is a lot of money. We’ll have to overlap at least a couple of weeks, but at best we could save on three weeks of rent if new tenants move in as soon as possible. Apparently the market is looking pretty good at the moment according to the agents, so there’s reason to be hopeful. And of course, God is good, so there’s an even better reason.


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